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Infinity Goals and Objectives


  • To increase and improve pupil learning,
  • To ensure that each child meets or exceeds local, state and national academic standards,
  • To increase appropriate learning opportunities for each child by providing full-time instruction geared to their special needs and abilities,
  • To provide ongoing professional opportunities for staff, including staff development in diverse and innovative teaching and assessment methods appropriate for gifted children, and
  • To utilize different and innovative teaching and assessment methods.


  • To prepare each child to be a lifelong learner,
  • To work with parents and students concerning the students' unique social-emotional needs,
  • To actively and consistently encourage parental involvement with public school education,
  • To provide parents and students with expanded choices in available public educational opportunities, which may result in enrollment of children currently in home-schooling or private education settings,
  • To facilitate student service to, and involvement in, the community, and
  • To blur the boundaries between school and community and actively promote the concept that the school and the community have mutual responsibilities to each other.

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