Infinity CS Continuity
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Coronavirus Information

Infinity Charter School is aware of unease and concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We share your concerns and are closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the PA Department of Health, and the PA Department of Education for information and guidelines regarding the Coronavirus.

At this time, federal and state health authorities are not recommending procedures outside the usual suggestions to thwart the spread of illness.Weshould all take precautions to prevent illnesses from spreading.  The following guidelines will assist in preventing COVID-19 and more common risks (influenza, the common cold, and gastro-intestinal bugs) from spreading:

At Infinity, we continue to clean and sanitize high-touch areas (doorknobs, sinks, counters, water fountains, elevator buttons, etc.) on a daily basis. Teachers will also review hand-washing and the techniques listed above with students.

For more information, please visit the following websites:

We will keep you up to date with any new information we receive from the CDC or PA Department of Health. Thank you.